Service truckMr. & Mrs. Duncan, both husband and wife worked within the oil and gas sector, several years before establishing their own “United Power Limited”…..these two invested in one 400 Amp Welding Unit in the year 2007.

Mr. Duncan had acquired a wealth of knowledge and experience in Equipment Rental, Sand Blasting and Painting and Trucking. His wife qualified and versed in Management and Accounting. These two became the most compatible sources for what was ahead of them.

It was the dream of a man that was compassionate and determined about owning his own business, providing for his family and breaking through from the hardships in life which he knew all too well.

Focused on success, they were persistent, through highs and lows they overcame whatever was thrown their way. Today, this dream has become their life. Sky is the limit….Have a look at what they are now!

“The road to success is not going to be easy, trust in God, stay focused, persist, learn from your hardships and success is yours!” Mr. & Mrs. Duncan.

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