Construction Products

Welding UnitsLincoln 400 Amp Welding Machines:
For demanding jobs that call for high amperage capabilities, the SAE-400® offers 400 amps for DC stick welding and AC power. It is powered by either a heavy duty Perkins® or Deutz® industrial diesel engine. Both engines offer low maintenance and long life. Features: Heavy gauge steel case withstands rough field handling, Dual Continuous Output Control, - Arc gouging with up to 3/8 in. (10 mm) carbons, - Large capacity DC weld output makes the SAE-400® the #1 choice.

185-900 CFM Air Compressors:
We provide a wide range of Ingersoll Rand and Sullair Compressors . they are technologically advanced, highly reliable and low maintenance, which makes them highly efficient and affordable.

Our Sullair 1600 AF System Tier 3 family rotary screw portable air compressors deliver 1300 to 1600 cfm at 100 to 200 psig or 36.8 to 45.3 m3/min at 6.9 to 13.8 bar of aftercooled and filtered compressed air that meets or exceeds ISO 9001 quality standards.

The AF System consists of a specially designed Sullair portable compressor with a built-in high-capacity, low-approach aftercooler, a water-condensate trap and a highly efficient contaminant removal system. Call us today for consultations .


United Power Limited carries a range of SDMO Generators. SDMO is the leading manufacturer of generating sets in the European market and is the 3rd largest worldwide. We carry generators for household, commercial, Industrial and recreational purposes. Contact us today for consultations. .

Lighting towers400 Watt Lighting Towers:
Our 4000 Watts Lighting Towers are reliable and effective. No matter what the occasion, United Power Limited offers a full line of lighting towers that are built with professional-grade reliability and durability while meeting your illumination needs: special events, road and bridge construction, emergency and disaster relief, general construction and the oil and gas sectors.

Wacker Compactors:
The primary advantage to using a plate compactor is that it increases the durability and performance of a project. These machines force the soil to compact and tighten, pushing out air pockets. This eliminates the risk of future shifting and settling, which can lead to cracks, damage, or failure. It also results in a much smoother and more even surface for landscaping and other projects.

A plate compactor is an economical and easy-to-use alternative to other types of compacting and tamping equipment. Contact us today for your compacting needs.

Jack Hammer

Jack Hammers:
United Power Limited also carries Jackhammers or Pneumatic Drills.
These are used in the demolition of concrete, pavements or for uses in mining and quarrying. Contact us today for all your Jackhammering needs.

Service truck

3-15 Ton Hiab Trucks:
We carry transportation trucks ranging from 3 tons to 15 tons articulation boom cranes, consisting of Renault and International trucks. Our brand of Lorry Loader, PALFINGER, specializing in manufacturing truck mounted loader cranes, with innovation and quality as a first priority, aspiring to be the best in the industry. Our trucks are regularly inspected and serviced for reliable service throughout Trinidad and Tobago. Our drivers and operators are knowledgeable, experienced and certified.

Truck and Trailer

Trucks and Trailers:
Our Trucks are equipped with a 40-45ft. Trailers, for transportation of extra long loads, example, lumber and pipelines. Our experienced drivers are specially trained. Our Equipment are Reliable and Our rates are competitive, making us a choice above the rest.

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